In "Faith in You," Kelleigh Bannen reflects on the music industry, Nashville and the struggle to find a balance between pursuing dreams and nurturing family life. Co-written with Todd Clark and Sean Van Vleet, the song pays tribute to the people who make success worth pursuing. Read on to learn more about the thought process behind "Faith in You," told in the artist's own words.

I think there are so many things you can worship in this town. You can worship at the altar of songwriting, or of stadium shows, or of beauty and the glitzy part of what we do. I think it's really easy to get lost.

For me, it was just kind of admitting that, even in music -- and I love music more than anything else in life -- it will let you down if it's the only thing that you're sacrificing your life to, or the altar you're worshiping at. So it was that [thought of], "Who is there when it all comes crashing down? Who is there when you wanna give up?"

It's about knowing that as much as I'm obsessed with music, if it's the only thing in my life, I'll be alone. So it's really about the people that you get to make music with. It's the who.

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