Bright up-and-comer Kelleigh Bannen is premiering the music video for her brand-new song “All Good Things” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

“'Cause all good things are wild and free / You’re the fire in my veins / I’m a runaway train / And together we’re crazy,” sings Bannen in the upbeat, breezy track’s chorus. “All good things are wild and free / No, it don't cost nothin', but your kiss is so money / So, baby, lay it on me."

Readers can press play on the video above to watch Bannen's "All Good Things" video. The song comes from her brand-new EP, Cheap Sunglasses. The newcomer is a co-writer on all five of the songs on the laid-back EP, a decidedly appropriate set of summery anthems produced by Jason Lehning, who’s worked with such talents as Alison Krauss and George Jones in his storied Nashville career.

"I’m going all in. I want to bring my messy, passionate, all-in self [to] do something that’s so valuable to you and so close to your heart that it’s going to hurt if it doesn’t happen," Bannen says. "If you don’t go all in, if you keep it at arm’s length ... it could absolutely break my heart, but I think that’s better than having done it at arm’s length.”

The Cheap Sunglasses EP is the follow-up project to Bannen’s popular 2012 single “Sorry on the Rocks,” which peaked at No. 48 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Throughout the past year, the singer-songwriter has been recording and touring alongside her fellow CMT Next Women of Country artists Natalie Stovall and Ruthie Collins.

Cheap Sunglasses is currently available for purchase via iTunes.