Keith Urban's 'Without You' has climbed to the top of both the Mediabase/Country Aircheck and Billboard country charts this week. On both charts, Brad Paisley's 'Old Alabama' falls to No. 2, followed by Blake Shelton's 'Honey Bee' at No. 3.

As a devoted husband and father of two little girls, Keith can greatly identify with his latest No. 1 song. In fact, it would seem as though he put his own life to music, even though it was not his idea. "The most autobiographical song I never wrote," laughs Keith. "Emily West called me one night, and she said, 'I heard this song by Dave Pahanish that you would've sworn he wrote it for you. It's uncanny.' So, I got a copy of it, and I couldn't believe it. It was literally like he had written it completely for me, every aspect of it."

Keith will perform on Wednesday night's (June 8) CMT Music Awards. In addition, he launches his 2011 Get Closer World Tour, with opening act Jake Owen, in Biloxi, Miss., June 16. Check here for more information on Keith's tour dates.

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