Keith Urban gathered a few hundred friends Monday at Nashville's Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate the upcoming release of his seventh studio album, 'Get Closer.' But it was his sixth studio album that stole the spotlight for a minute, as Capitol Records President & CEO Mike Dungan (pictured above) presented the country superstar wth a plaque commemorating one million sales of 'Defying Gravity.' With now all of his solo CDs reaching platinum sales status, Keith expressed gratitude to fans, country radio and Capitol, his label home for 13 years.

After the presentation, Keith strapped on a guitar and played the new CD's first single, 'Put You in a Song,' explaining, "I like songs about the unattainable girl. Not about the guy who gets the girl, but about the guy who wants to just write about the unattainable girl ... Like the one I got in the back of the room." All heads rubbernecked back to see if Keith's wife, Nicole Kidman, was standing in the back, but the Oscar-winning beauty was not. She was there in spirit, however, as Keith explained that his next song reminded him of his better half and their baby girl. He then made his live debut of 'Without You,' a sweet love song about how the joys of life mean nothing without love.

Backed by bassist Jerry Flowers, drummer Chris McHugh and Keith's longtime producer, Dann Huff, on guitar, the CMA Entertainer and Male Vocalist of the Year nominee closed out the show by going back eight albums to 'Keith Urban in the Ranch,' singing 'Walkin' in the Country.' "I wish I could play all day," Keith said with a big smile, exiting the stage to a sea of well wishers.

Keith Urban's 'Get Closer' is due in stores November 16.

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