Although it's been more than two years since Keith Urban released his 2013 album Fuse, the "John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16" singer is defending the record from those who say that the No. 1 disc isn't as guitar-driven as the country superstar's previous projects.

"It's funny because I didn't think the guitar took a backseat on the last album until everyone started pointing it out," Urban tells Rolling Stone Country. "Everything has guitar solos, so I didn't think that it was any less than any other record, so it's funny how people perceived things."

The Aussie adds that he refuses to create music based on what instruments are highlighted.

"I love that people want to hear the guitar, but I just think about the song," he notes. "It's like saying I have to put fiddling on it because it's a country record. It's whatever the song seems to want."

Along with Urban, nine other producers from several different genres, produced Fuse -- a formula that the singer-songwriter says that he might use for his upcoming new set of tunes.

“I’m always looking for new people to create with,” Urban explains. “I did with with Fuse, and I’m doing it also with this record as well.”

He adds, "I always think records are like photographs; they're just a snapshot. For me anyway, they've all been just an accurate snapshot of who I am, where I am in life, what's going on. I've always really done it sort of haphazard when I get in the studio. You got a bunch of songs and try this song and try that one. Sometimes songs just don't work, and sometimes other things become something in the studio much more than before. They just come to life."

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