Keith Urban's upcoming album, 'Fuse,' won't be released until Sept. 10, but fans now know what the album cover looks like.

The singer unveiled the cover Thursday (Aug. 1), using the #KUFuse hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But while he may have already revealed the artwork, the rest of the album is still somewhat of a mystery. Instead of relying on his longtime producer, Dann Huff, to co-produce the new project, Urban called on several of his friends for 'Fuse,' including Nathan Chapman and pop producer Butch Walker.

"I'm just seeing what comes out of me working with those guys," he tells Billboard. "I love working with people who play a lot of instruments, and really, all these guys play lots of instruments and they program and play synths and they can build an entire track just on their own. I love the idea of working close and collaboratively with people like that so we can work quickly and we can not have to try and get this vision across to six, seven, eight different people in the studio -- not exclusively, but I like starting like that."

Urban, who just announced he will return to 'American Idol' for a second season, is currently on his Light the Fuse tour, which heads to Minnesota and Michigan this weekend. See all of his upcoming shows here.