Everybody has that one singer who they idolize and would turn into a blubbering mess given the opportunity to meet them, even other artists. Just because they have their own legion of fans doesn't mean they haven't fantasized about touring with Elvis Presley, writing songs with Kris Kristofferson ... or sitting on Don Williams' stool.

Keith Urban apparently dreamed of the latter. While he wasn't able to attend new Country Music Hall of Famer Don Williams' two-night stand at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium last week, Keith did find himself in the venue in between shows.

"I went in there at lunch time to do this photo shoot and, of course, all his equipment is set up on the stage and his famous stool," Keith tells Sirius XM's The Highway. "I just grabbed my guitar and jumped up on that stool [laughs] and no one was around. [Don] had [left] the set-list from the night before, and I just got my guitar and, to myself, picked just a little of every song on the set-list like a total geeky fan. [laughs] I was twelve [years old] instantly. It was awesome."

But wait, it gets geekier. "His bus was outside, I went and took a picture of it like a total touristy fan," Keith confesses. "I've never taken a picture of anyone's bus."

Keith fans, geeky or otherwise, still have the opportunity to enter his 'Your Next Big Record' contest until November 30.

I'm always ready to do whatever it takes to give aspiring musicians the chance to do what they love," Keith says. "We've all heard someone whose musical talents blow us away, and sometimes all that stands between their garage and an arena is a chance. That's what Guitar Center's Your Next Record is all about."

Keith will not only work with the winner on their single, but he'll also invite him or her to open for him in concert -- and have the chance to grab a photo of Keith's bus -- on an upcoming tour date. Details here.

Keith will release his eighth studio album, 'Get Closer,' on November 16.

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