Keith UrbanThey've certainly reached the point in their careers where they can headline their own massive shows, but both Keith Urban and the Dixie Chicks are thrilled to be opening acts later this year. The country superstar and best-selling female group of all time have been asked to join the Eagles on select dates of the legendary country-rockers' summer stadium tour. The Boot talked to both openers about the huge honor.

"To grow grow up listening to all the Eagles records ... to be a huge Don Henley fan, Joe Walsh fan, Glenn [Frey] and all the boys ... it's phenomenal," Keith gushes. "I'm so thrilled to play on these shows, and I wish we could do more of them!"

The Eagles tour also marks the first time in four years that the Chicks will perform live together. Martie Maguire, Emily Robison and Natalie Maines have been on a touring hiatus since the shows supporting their Grammy-sweeping 2006 album, 'Taking the Long Way.'

Emily Robison"We really are just doing it for fun," Emily explains to The Boot. "The opportunity arose, and all three of us were really into it. The thought of being able to open up shows for the Eagles in stadiums, it's something we haven't been able to do yet in our own career -- have venues that large."

Emily and Martie, of course, haven't been on a total musical hiatus. This Eagles tour comes at an opportune time for the sisters, who will release their debut album as a duo, the Court Yard Hounds, in May. (Check The Boot later today for our full exclusive interview with the Hounds, along with a stream of their new song,'The Coast'!)

The Eagles tour begins June 8 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and continues through June 24 in St. Louis, Mo. Click here for ticket information.

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