Brandi Carlile's incredible range can make covering her songs a tough task, but rising singer-songwriter Katie Pruitt proves she's up for the task with her version of Carlile's "Turpentine." Readers can press play above to watch Pruitt's performance, part of her Out of the Closet series.

"Turpentine" appears on Carlile's 2003 album We're Growing Up; it's the song from which the project derives its name, out of the chorus: "These days we go to waste like wine / That's turned to turpentine / It's 6AM and I'm all messed up / I didn't mean to waste your time / So I'll fall back in line / But I'm warning you we're growing up."

Pruitt launched her Out of the Closet series, in which she covers songs from gay women, in June, which is Pride Month. She says Carlile and the original singers of her other covers -- Tegan and Sara, Indigo Girls and Courtney Barnett -- "have inspired me to be transparent in my music."

"I think representation is huge. Having my experience represented in certain bands' / artists' music has helped me to better understand myself," Pruitt shares. "If it weren't for people like Indigo Girls, Brandi Carlile, Courtney Barnett, and Tegan and Sara, I don't think I would have been brave enough to be as honest as I was on [my debut album] Expectations."

Pruitt released Expectations in February, via Rounder Records. The album takes listeners through her coming-of-age story and changing perspective on love; Pruitt spent four years on the project, which each song representing a pivotal moment in her personal history.

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