New Orleans native Karen Waldrup is premiering her saucy song "Start a Scandal" exclusively on The Boot. Anyone who's ever glanced at the magazine and tabloid covers while waiting in line at the grocery store will know exactly what the singer and her co-writers, Ed Hill and Donnie Skaggs, were getting at with this song that pulls inspiration from history's biggest (and best?) scandals.

"It's entertainment for us! Its everywhere! We can't get away from it," Waldrup tells The Boot of the public's fascination with celebrity gossip, adding that "Start a Scandal" is "about that little voice inside of you that looks at the magazine article and knows that it's not always real and not always true, but we just can't help but pick it up and read it."

Waldrup name-checks scandals involving Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, the Chicago White Sox, Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedys, Martha Stewart, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and more in "Start a Scandal." In the chorus, she sings, "I'd love to start a scandal in a magazine / You and me popping on the paparazzi / Wearing them shades, making them wait / Everybody being misbehaved ..."

"... it's just human nature to wonder what it would be like to be on the other side and if anyone would care or read about it," Waldrup reflects.

While magazines make scandals look like truth, Waldrup admits that she's smart enough to know that many celebrities use the media for their own agenda.

"In the second verse, there's a lyric I really like that reveals that the scandal the person is creating is not real," Waldrup explains, speaking of the lyrics, "All red-carpet mean and spoiled / We could make bank making blood boil / Fighting in a limousine / Then we could make nice, kiss and make up / Get in our jeans, get in your trunk."

Waldrup's style, which she describes as "in-your-face rockin' country music" that "has an edge," is a product of her roots: She grew up attending Mardi Gras and spent years watching and listening to street musicians in New Orleans.

"No one ever told anyone that they were doing something musically that they shouldn't. In New Orleans, you make whatever type of music you want, and people accept it. There isn't really a box that people must fit into, so everyone is really free musically. The entire culture of New Orleans is very free, open and expressive," Waldrup says. "People that are from South Louisiana tend to be comfortable with who they are and accepting of who others are. I think growing up around such a gritty, soulful, open musical space, I didn't really overthink music because no one did ... we just made music. It just came naturally for us."

For the last several years, Waldrup has been touring full time, playing shows in the U.S. as well as in Ireland, Belize, Switzerland, Honduras and Guatemala. She has shared the stage with artists including Sara Evans, Rodney Atkins, Josh Thompson and more.

"I'm not sure why God has called me to make music for a living, but I couldn't do it without the people that offer to cook for the band, let us stay in their homes, tip the band, buy every single CD, graciously offer financial help without recognition, share my Facebook page with everyone they know, and literally spend their precious time helping me in my career," Waldrup gushes. "It blows my mind every single time."

Fans can purchase "Start a Scandal" on iTunes and view Waldrup's upcoming show dates on her official website.

Listen to Karen Waldrup, "Start a Scandal":

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