With a perfect blend of classic country and new-school charm, Karen Jonas is debuting the music video for her latest single, “Wasting Time,” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

Jonas’ voice is smooth as a shot of bourbon in "Wasting Time," a modern interpretation of the classic country "done me wrong" song. In the accompanying video, which is sparse and intimate, she's illuminated in an angelic halo of light as she and her band perform in a rickhouse. Readers can press play above to watch.

“Well, you don’t know / I don’t know how / But you don’t know / I stopped trying to say / But I feel like I should tell you every day / That I’m holding on,” Jonas sings in "Wasting Time." “I’m holding out for love / Yes, I'm holding on / I’m holding out for you / I don't know what else to do / Believe me, I tried to forget you."

A native of Fredericksburg, Va., Jonas stormed on to the country music scene with her independently release debut album, 2014’s Oklahoma Lottery. The record earned praise from even the stodgiest of country music traditionalists, and “Wasting Time” appears on Country Songs, Jonas’ follow-up project to the critical smash.

Country Songs is set for release on Oct. 14. Fans can order a physical copy via Jonas’ website or pre-order a digital version on iTunes.