"Lose It" is the third No. 1 single of Kane Brown's career; back in November of 2018, the song hit the top spot on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. It was the first song completed for Brown's sophomore album, Experiment, written on the tour bus while headed home to Nashville after a show in early 2018.

Brown co-wrote "Lose It" with Will Weatherly and Chase McGill. The country star had a clear vision for what he wanted in the track, and came out with a catchy, relatable tue that appeals to masses of country music fans. 

Read on to learn the story behind "Lose It" in the words of Brown himself.

The song meaning, to me, is, you just want to get away from everything.

I feel like everybody is always on their social media. I can’t say nothing, because that’s how I got started; I’m always on social media. But it’s, "lose your phone," "lose the old-school radio station."

It’s just you and your girl getting away and not worrying about any problems going on in the world today. It’s just, lose it and have fun together.

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