As many fans know, Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina are longtime buddies and old schoolmates, which made performing their duet, "What Ifs," together at the 2018 ACM Awards a dream come true for both artists. However, for a pair of friends and collaborative partners whose dynamic is almost sibling-like, the performance's steamy choreography -- ending with Brown and Alaina standing in a near-embrace -- was more than a little uncomfortable, according to Brown.

"It was super awkward," he explains to Taste of Country. "Lauren was like, 'Might was well go ahead and grab his butt, too!"

The idea came from ACM producers, who wanted a gripping visual to match the lyrics of the love song. "That was the first thing they told us," Brown recalls of learning what the choreography was going to be. "They were just like, 'This is how you end.' We were like, 'What?!'"

Offstage, both Brown and Alaina are in happy relationships: Brown announced his engagement to fellow musician Katelyn Jae in April of 2017. Later that year, he also released a tribute song to domestic bliss with "What's Mine is Yours," including a video showcasing home videos of the couple hanging out at home, playing with dogs and brushing their teeth together, offering a sweet glimpse into their home life.

Brown also told Taste of Country that he has not watched the footage of himself singing with Alaina onstage at the ACMs. In fact, he remembers little from the performance, aside from one famous audience member sitting at the front of the house.

"It was weird, because I remember looking down into the crowd, and the only person that I was really focused on was Gwen Stefani," he recalls with a smile. "She was sitting right there, and she was talking, looking and clapping, and for some reason in my head I was like, 'What's she thinking?'"

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