Justin Moore's next studio album will be short and bittersweet. The "We Didn't Have Much" singer announced an eight-song project called Straight Outta the Country on Thursday morning (March 25), letting fans know they can buy or stream it come April 23.

Straight Outta the Country is Moore's sixth studio album, and the follow-up to Late Nights and Longnecks (2019). "We Didn't Have Much" is the lead single, but a press release indicates that the song "More Than Me" will be a love letter to his four kids with wife Kate.

The remaining new songs will be a mix of country and rock anthems and heartache. Fans can find an acoustic version of his new single at the very end.

Previously, the 36-year-old hitmaker shared that the vocals for this album were all recorded in his pool house, because the COVID-19 pandemic made it challenge to travel to and gather in a Nashville recording studio. Moore lives in Poyen, Ark., with his family; it's the town he grew up in, and his parents still live very close by.

Jeremy Stover, Paul DiGiovanni and Scott Borchetta share production credits on Straight Outta the Country. More album details are below.

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Justin Moore's Straight Outta the Country Tracklist:

1. "Hearing Things" (Rhett Akins, Kelly Archer, Chris Stevens)
2. "Consecutive Days Alive" (Casey Beathard, Monty Criswell, Jeremy Stover)
3. "We Didn’t Have Much" (Paul DiGiovanni, Randy Montana, Stover)
4. "She Ain’t Mine No More" (Justin Moore, DiGiovanni, Jamie Paulin, Stover)
5. "More Than Me" (Moore, DiGiovanni, Chase McGill, Stover)
6. "Straight Outta the Country" (Michael Hardy, Cam Montgomery, Josh Thompson)
7. "You Keep Getting Me Drunk" (Akins, Kelly Archer, DiGiovanni)
8. "We Didn’t Have Much" (acoustic) (DiGiovanni, Montana, Stover)

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