Justin Moore has been crossing the country on the American Made Tour, a joint trek with his good friend Lee Brice. The tour, which kicked off in January, has been a way for the two singers to enjoy each other's music, and share the responsibility of a multi-city trek.

"Lee and I came out about the same time; he had some stuff out a little before I did," Moore recently shared with The Boot and other media outlets. "Lee is a guy who I’ve respected and been a fan of from afar throughout our career[s]. It’s been fun to see him having the success that he’s had over the last handful of years -- which I believe is a little bit later than it should have been -- because he’s super-talented and a great guy, and works his tail off."

When Brice and Moore were first starting out, in the late 2000s, their personal lives were much different: Moore was newly married and childless, while Brice was the father of one and dating his now-wife, Sara. These days, though, with the responsibilities of fatherhood increasing, their lives on the road are far different than it used to be.

"We’ve always bickered over who’s going to close," shares Moore. "He and I are getting to the point -- I don’t know if it’s our career or our lives -- we’re like, ‘You wanna close tonight? I could have my PJs on by 9.’ He’s got his third on the way, and [I've got] my fourth."

Still, Moore admits, "it’s been a lot of fun for us to get back out there and headline, and see where we are in that space."

Brice and Moore's American Made Tour is scheduled to wrap up on April 28. A list of all of Moore's upcoming shows is available on his website.

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