Julianne Hough shed some clothes in the new video for her latest single, 'Is That So Wrong,' and according to the singer, it is so wrong for CMT. The network is not playing the steamy new clip, which features the former 'Dancing With the Stars' stunner playfully romping around her apartment, wearing next to nothing and showing off some sexy dance moves.

Julianne talked about the video to a Baltimore audience during an acoustic Christmas concert last weekend. "This next song -- funny story," she told the packed audience, as reported by the Washington Post, before singing the tune. "I shot a music video for it, and [Country Music Television] kind of banned it. Apparently I was taking off too many clothes as I was dancing across my bedroom. But I don't know ... I kind of liked it."

CMT denies any "ban" on the video and instead, a CMT rep tells CNN they're not playing the video simply because of "contract negotiation problems." CMT and its parent company, MTV, are currently under negotiations with VEVO, which distributes all videos from Julianne's record label. Still, CMT is not the only one shying away from the clip, as it is also nowhere to be found (as of press time) on YouTube or the video search engine Truveo, and it has been removed from several other websites, including Julianne's own official website.

As for Julianne's sexy inspiration for 'Is That So Wrong'? Perhaps it was her wild character Ariel in what she says is an "edgier" remake of the classic movie, 'Footloose,' or maybe it's her budding romance with media mogul Ryan Seacrest. A gilded Julianne also appears on film in another rather unconventional way, in a Mermaid-inspired photo shoot with photographer Mark Anderson, along with actresses Kristin Bell and Mena Suvari. The beauty was covered in gold, ala the James Bond film, 'Goldfinger,' for the shoot, and the pics will be featured in a hardcover book to be released in March.

Julianne is spreading the holiday cheer this season, appearing at several charity shows including a special Christmas for the Children concert in downtown Knoxville this week. She also helped pal Taylor Swift celebrate her 21st birthday last week in Nashville.

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