Julianne Hough Want to dance your way to a fit body? Julianne Hough will work to get you there with her first fitness DVD, 'Dancing with Julianne Hough: Cardio Ballroom.' After taking two 'Dancing With the Stars' partners to the championship as both choreographer and dance instructor, Julianne acts as a personal trainer for those folks at home looking to get in shape with a new dance-oriented workout.

The triple-threat (dancer-singer-actress) explains the DVD is for everyone, regardless of their fitness level or dance experience. Julianne leads viewers through several dance styles, including the jive, cha cha and paso doble, with an emphasis on fat-burning moves.

"I am excited to share my best kept secrets and behind-the-scenes techniques of professional dancers everywhere with anyone who wants an enjoyable workout with lots of dance energy," explains the blonde beauty. "The easy-to-follow moves ... will help make everyone feel like a seasoned dancer while they have so much fun following along, they won't even realize they're getting a great full-body cardio workout."

The 'Dancing with Julianne Hough: Cardio Ballroom" arrives in stores Dec. 15. In the meantime, Julianne has been spendiing time writing songs, as well as shooting scenes for the feature film, 'Burlesque,' also starring Cher and Christina Aguilera, and she'll soon begin filming the remake of the hit '80s dance flick, 'Footloose.'