Julianne Hough doesn't want fans worrying about her. She is feeling much better after an emergency trip to the hospital Tuesday night, just after her performance on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

"I'm ok. I'm fine," she blogs. "I didn't feel well the whole day. But I'm a trooper. I didn't tell anyone. I didn't want to be dramatic about things ... But then, oh boy. I don't know if anyone could see my face during the show, but I was trying so hard to put a smile on. I was in so much pain. Afterward, I went backstage and curled up in a ball. That's when everyone said I needed to go to the hospital."

Hough is home now recovering. She is expected to return with partner Cody Linley to the show next week. The multi-talented beauty has also taped a performance of her new hit, 'My Hallelujah Song,' which will air on 'Dancing' on November 11.