Rising country artist Joy Styles launched her new EP, 'Unbreakable,' with a party and performance in downtown Nashville on Tuesday night (Sept. 2).

The singer ran through an acoustic set of songs that included the fun, up-tempo 'Fast,' 'Better or Worse,' 'Amnesia' and the title song, 'Unbreakable.'

Her pop-country slant lines up perfectly with contemporary country radio, while her ability to effectively employ her lower range as well as her high range makes her unique among female country singers.

Styles previously released an independent EP, 'Trying to Be Me.' Her new EP came about after co-producer Pat Severs played pedal steel on a gig with her at the Rutledge in Nashville.

"After that, he said, 'I think you're ready now. My brother [Michael Severs] and I want to produce you,'" she tells The Boot.

After a series of meetings with various industry insiders, a conversation with Dewayne Brown from Sony/RED at a CMA Christmas party led to them sitting down to talk business, which then led Styles to a deal with 764 Records, an imprint of Red River Entertainment distributed by Sony/RED.

The singer-songwriter says she knew the title song, 'Unbreakable,' had to be central to the project.

"It's one of my favorite songs -- and not just because I co-wrote it," she shares. "It's really about resilience. I've been through a lot in my life -- on this journey musically, but even emotionally, and I'm still standing. That's what the song is about, and that's why I said, 'You know what, that's got to be the name of the EP.'"

After releasing the EP's lead single, 'Fast,' Styles and her team are set to take the next step.

"Now we're going to start doing radio. I'm going to go and start visiting stations," she says. "I'm so excited about radio. I'm so excited to go out and meet people and see how this does and just interact."

Other plans include some touring possibilities around the new release.

"I just want to get the music out there and let people know that I'm here. That's my focus. This is what I have, and I am going for it," Styles says. "This is a really grassroots venture, but I'm pleased, because grassroots-wise, it's been going well. I certainly can't complain because in the environment we're in right now, people aren't getting deals. For that, I'm grateful. This has been a huge blessing. This is just the beginning."

She adds, "I want my songs to be like your favorite books, that you can step inside and live out the journey of the song and let them take you away for a moment."

Keep up with Styles on Twitter and Facebook. 'Unbreakable' is available at iTunes.