Texas-based Americana artist Joshua Ray Walker is premiering the music video for his song "Last Call" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch, and just try to avoid tapping your toes to the nostalgic melody.

A perfect showcase of Walker's self-deprecating, self-aware humor, "Last Call" is the kind of end-of-the-night drinking song that pulls no punches. "Take a look, it could be worse / I close my tab, go on, grab your purse," Walker sings. "I can't say if we'll be missed when we're gone / But at least tonight, we won't be alone."

The music video for "Last Call" was filmed live at the iconic Dallas venue Sons of Hermann Hall, during Walker's release party for his critically acclaimed debut album, January's Wish You Were Here. The clip offers a look back at Dallas' history through the venue's nostalgic setting, bottles of booze and memorabilia on the walls, while providing the perfect setting for a song that's all about making bad decisions in a dimly lit bar when it's time for the bartender to holler "Last call!"

More than that, that album release party was a homecoming of sorts for Walker, who, before his star was on the rise nationally, was a fixture of the Dallas music scene for years. The music video even a brief appearance from Dallas country band Eleven Hundred Springs.

"It was an honor to have one of my favorite bands back me in that historic hall," Walker tells The Boot. "I’ve heard stories of, and seen shows, there my entire life. You can hear the love in the room that night, and it meant the world to me. I’m so glad we were able to capture it."

Walker is currently selling out shows in Europe, but he's headed back to his home state soon. He'll headline the Kessler Theater in Dallas on Saturday (Nov. 9), his birthday. Visit JoshuaRayWalker.com to keep up with his goings-on; Wish You Were Here is available to purchase on Amazon.

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