Josh Thompson wrote the song 'Sinner' as a personal confession but strong fan response to it has convinced him it speaks to many. In almost every concert, whether Josh is the headliner or supporting act, the audience gets to their feet when they hear the opening notes of the song, and they join him in singing the lyrics.

"I also get mail from fans saying how much the song has touched their lives," Josh tells the Boot, adding that he personally answers some of the more poignant messages. "Mainly, they write about how they've been sinners and hit rough patches and that song has pulled them through. It's a powerful song. Sometimes that song is my song and sometimes it's theirs."

The track from Josh's latest album, 'Way Out Here,' was one he wrote in several places and over many months. Of course, Josh first made a name for himself in Nashville as a songwriter, penning such songs as 'Growing Up Is Getting Old,' the title track of the second album by Jason Michael Carroll.

"It's easy to move on to other songs," says Josh of changing directions when songwriting bogs him down. "Once in a while, though, you get the one song and you know that it is it. You can't walk away, and by giving it that space and that time, you can lend an objective ear. Sometimes when you try to rush it, it's not what it could be."

What continually surprises Josh is how far fans will travel to hear him and others in concert.

"Six years ago, no one knew me and now people travel pretty long distances," he says, recalling a concert he performed with Jack Ingram and Gloriana. "One woman drove from Pennsylvania to Montana. She had read we were all [performing] and she said she liked us all so much, she decided to drive out there."

Soon there will be more music from Josh to love. He has now recorded eight songs for his sophomore album, which he says will raise the musical bar even higher.

"It think it is better, way better," says Josh of how the songs on the next album compare to those on 'Way Out Here.' "I really had over a year ... to write non-stop. The songs come from a different point of view. They're a little more reflective. There are arguably four or five singles we can [consider for release]."

Although no official date been set for his second album, Josh says it could be released as early as later this year.

Josh is currently on tour. His next scheduled concert is March 11 in Plant City, Fla. For more concert dates, check here.

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