Josh Thompson was camera ready in Nashville Wednesday (Jan. 4), filming the music video for his latest single, 'Comin' Around.' The Boot was on-set to get you all the scoop before the video's debut.

"I usually hate surprises, but this has been really fun," Josh told The Boot. "We're shooting with some green screens, and I've never done that. We're out in the middle of a park, and half of the people are naked. I'm just kidding ... about the park. [laughs]"

He is actually kidding about the cast and crew's attire. It's January in Nashville, and even the Wisconsin native was having a tough time keeping warm in his blue jean jacket.

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While Josh is excited about the filming, he can't take credit for the video's concept. "When you're shooting a video, before you do, you get treatments: these creative writer/producer/videographers that write you what they would do to your song if they shot a video," he explains. "I went through 13 of them, and this one, I was like, 'What in the hell?' It was so bizarre and edgy and way out there; almost matched my soul. [laughs]

"It consists of me, a vacant field and a carnival -- an old-time carnival with a big wheel that's got some pictures that go back to my grandpa, my parents when they were young, me when I was young, up until the present," he continues. "It's a menagerie of all the moments that define me, turn a circle and come around. A big carnival pops out of nothing, is the one thing that really caught me off guard and caught my attention."

The film's director, P.R. Brown, took inspiration from Tom Waits' 'Hold On' music video. "The shooting style and the lens, it's like how an old newspaper kind of looks like tingy yellow after a while," Josh explains. "I saw that video and I was like, 'Man that's pretty cool.' That, and a carnival that pops out of nowhere and a monkey."

If you follow Josh on Twitter (@thejoshthompson), you have have already heard about the monkey, when he tweeted Wednesday morning: "Shootin' the video for 'Comin' Around' today. I can't believe we found a monkey on such short notice."

However, the set is monkey-free. "The monkey is a diva," Josh jokes. "We're going to have to do the monkey shots indoors. He's not going to come out here, it's like 30 degrees. [laughs] The monkey doesn't really exist in this video."

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