Josh Kelley got in on the fun of buddy Miranda Lambert's record-breaking new single, 'Baggage Claim,' lending some backing vocals to the new tune. It isn't the first time the two have worked together. Josh joined Miranda on her Revolution tour last year with Eric Church, and the three cooked up plenty of songs -- along with a few hangovers -- while hitting the road together at venues across the country. Josh says he learned a lot from the experience and from watching both Miranda and Eric whip crowds into a frenzy night after night.

"Miranda, Eric and I probably wrote seven songs together during that tour. I was telling people we've got probably 20 fully-finished bottles of whiskey, but probably 20 half-finished songs because of it," Josh tells The Boot with a laugh. "It was great ... I learned a lot. Every time I watch somebody else's live show I learn something, and I take something from it. Miranda's a great performer, and Eric's a great performer. I definitely learned little tricks that I've been applying to my shows, and it helps out a lot. Just different ways to engage the crowd."

As far as Miranda's live performance, Josh says he took special note of her ability to make the people in the cheap seats feel like they've been a part of the crew for years. "It's amazing. And Eric is really good at pumping up and engaging the crowd with certain things that he does, too. It was a huge opportunity for me; it was the perfect timing to be on such a huge tour. Miranda is becoming such a huge artist now."

Josh has also bonded with one of Miranda's pals, Ashley Monroe, from her side group Pistol Annies, and asked her to sing backup on a tune on his own album, 'Georgia Clay.' "Ashley ... she's a nut! I love that girl! She's got a great personality, and she's got a little songbird voice, like a little angel. We've actually written some songs together, too, and the reason I brought her into the studio is I wanted her to sing on my song 'Naleigh Moon.' We realized it didn't need it, so we decided another song, 'A Real Good Try,' was really made for her voice. We're going to do some more writing together, too, but she's got all the goods for sure."

Josh is currently on the road opening for another talented blonde, Taylor Swift, through August and September. He also managed to work in a little vacation time recently for fishing. During the Kelley family vacation to the Florida panhandle, Josh nabbed a 15-pound red snapper two miles out on a salt-water kayak.

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