Artist: Josh Kelley

Video: 'Gone Like That' -- Exclusive World Premiere

Why We Dig It: Josh didn't have to do much acting in the brand-new video for his second country single. "I wrote 'Gone Like That' based on a real-life experience," he admits. "When I was in college, there was this crazy, amazing girl who I'd see from time to time, but it was always fleeting. Every time, she'd come crash at my place, then the next thing you'd know, she'd be gone. There were like forty clubs in the area, and she'd always show up at the one I was hanging out at. We'd meet up, but then she always seemed to disappear and we never had the time to explore our relationship."

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Josh wrote 'Gone Like That' a few years ago, hoping Keith Urban would cut it. "I was going to Nashville and writing all the time," he says. "I've been writing country songs since I was a kid, but I was trying to get it cut. I wanted a big cut. I promised my wife [actress Katherine Heigl] I'd buy a beach house ... I gotta make some cash here!"

After Josh recorded the demo for 'Gone Like That,' he sent it to his publisher to shop around. But his publisher refused to pitch the song, instead encouraging Josh to record it himself and give country music another try. "Next thing you know, I've got a record deal!" the Georgia native explains.

Guess the girl who blew Josh off in college actually deserves a 'thank you'!