Songwriter Josh Hoge -- who had a brief career as an artist himself before deciding to focus solely on writing -- struck musical gold when his good friend and frequent co-writing partner Chris Young started earning hit songs. For example, "Think of You," Young's recent duet with Cassadee Pope, was written by Hoge, Young and Corey Crowder, and Hoge says that he is forever grateful for Young and the success that they both now enjoy.

"I drive a nicer car, I live in a nicer house, and I kind of owe my life to Chris Young," Hoge tells The Boot. "It’s been awesome; I’ve worked hard. I made the choice about a year and a half ago to just stay at home and write songs for a living, and that’s what I’m doing now. I came off the road touring with Miranda Lambert just to do that, so it’s worked out."

Previously, Hoge was in a group called Jukebox Mafia, born out of the Whiskey Jam concert series.

"We traveled with [Lambert] and played, and I decided to stop and just [write songs], so this is what I’m doing," Hoge explains. "I just want to write songs; I want to stay at home and be a dad and write songs. Traveling, to me, is to the mailbox, and I hope that continues. I’m pretty boring; I’m an old man now."

Hoge co-wrote six of the 11 songs on Young's recent album I'm Comin' Over, including the title track. The record is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.