Country artist Jordan Rowe loves his mama a whole lot.

“She's very loving, very sweet, very hard working,” the Georgia native gushes. "Her whole life, she's worked at the same place in the small town I grew up in. She started working when she was 18 years old, and you know she'll do anything for you. She's funny and super caring.”

It's that adoration and love that fellow country artist and friend Lainey Wilson couldn’t help but notice last fall, when Rowe suddenly left a bonfire they were both attending to take a call from his mom. In fact, that moment prompted the two songwriters to come up with the song "Mama Ain’t Jesus," the gorgeous music video for which is premiering exclusively on The Boot and our partner site Taste of Country.

“When I came back from talking to my mom, Lainey was like, 'Dang, boy, who you on the phone with — Jesus?' And I was like, ‘No, it was my mom, but she's a close second,’” remembers Rowe, who first played the heartfelt song for his mom at a concert back in May. “We both didn't say a word, but we both knew we had something. There were probably 10 other songwriters there, and none of them heard it, luckily. And we were like, ‘We got to write that.’”

They did just that the very next week.

“Yeah, it was one of those songs that just kind of fell out,” explains Rowe, who will release his new album, Bad Case of the Good Ole Boy, on Aug. 6. “I've met her mom and she's met mine, and they're really similar. So we just put honesty on paper and wrote this song about them.”

It wasn’t a given that Wilson would also sing on the track, however. “On the phone recording we did on the day we wrote it, Lainey sang harmonies the whole time, and it sounded so good,” remembers Rowe. “So, we had the idea to bring her in and do it on the actual song. It was one of those songs where you just feel like the Lord was in the room.”

Rowe and Wilson had a similar feeling during the music video shoot. They filmed the new clip at Nashville's First Evangelical Lutheran Church.

“I feel like this song is one of a handful of songs that will show off a deeper side of me,” Rowe says. “I call them ‘life’ songs — songs with just a little more substance and a little more weight than your average country song.”

"Mama Ain't Jesus" is due out widely on Friday (July 23). Fans can keep up with Rowe at

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