Jon Pardi has teamed up with the organization Truth to create a series of anti-smoking ads, the release of which is being timed to coincide with the 60th annual Grammy Awards. Readers can press play above and below to see Pardi's spots.

In Truth's new ad campaign, Pardi and Dan Reynolds, frontman of the Grammys-nominated band Imagine Dragons, call out the tobacco industry for its targeted marketing efforts and the addiction-causing enhancements they use to keep smokers hooked. In the video above, he notes, "You really see the hold it takes on people."

In their spots, Pardi and Reynolds join Truth correspondents to explain the effects that the tobacco industry specifically has on lower-income communities: "[how] low-income communities are targeted to start smoking and how Big Tobacco makes it harder for them to stop," a press release says.

"Big Tobacco designed their products to be more addictive by engineering tobacco plants with two times the natural levels of nicotine and lowers the cost of cigarettes so consumers can spend less and smoke more," the release notes. "It hits those in low-income communities the hardest, with 72 percent of remaining smokers being from low-income communities."

Musically speaking, Pardi is currently serving as an opening act on Lambert's Livin’ Like Hippies Tour. His most recent album, California Sunrise, is available for download via iTunes.

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