The former lakeside home of Johnny and June Carter Cash has new owners. Local couple Cristan and Tina Blackman bought the 4.5-acre property in Hendersonville, Tenn., for $3.2 million, with intentions to build a home on the lot.

“It’s such a majestic piece of property,” says Cristan Blackman, a local hedge fund manager, the the Hendersonville Standard newspaper. “My wife and I are honored to own it.”

Cash and Carter Cash lived on the property, north of Nashville, from 1968 until their 2003 deaths. Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and his wife Linda purchased it in 2005 for $2.3 million, but two years later, a fire destroyed the property's 14,000-square-foot home.

Texas businessman James Gresham bought the land in 2014 for $2 million. Shortly after, he unsuccessfully attempted to have the land rezoned for a high-end treatment center for people with eating disorders. The Blackmans are purchasing the property from Gresham, who's been looking to sell since 2016.

Cristan Blackman grew up in Hendersonville, so he has fond memories of riding past the Cash home as a child in his grandfather's boat. “A lot of people around here have memories of that home growing up,” he tells the Hendersonville Standard. “It’s historically significant and we’re proud and happy to have it.”

The Tennessee Historical Commission approved a marker in March of 2019 to commemorate the Cash's 35-year stay on the property.

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