The Nashville man who was arrested for stalking John Rich in June has been arrested for stalking again. Nashville police have accused Mark Christopher Sevier of stalking a 17-year-old employee at a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop.

36-year-old Sevier was an attorney in Brentwood, an upscale Nashville suburb. According to Fox 17 in Nashville, Rich obtained multiple restraining orders against him in 2012, but has been growing more and more concerned about him in recent months. Sevier was arrested on June 23 and charged with stalking the Big & Rich singer after reportedly violating those orders.

His latest trouble comes just a week before he is due to answer the other charges in court. According to Nashville's Tennessean newspaper, Sevier is alleged to have followed the 17-year-old girl to work in July. The arrest warrant alleges that Sevier made reference to a conversation the girl had with friends at a coffee shop months earlier. He reportedly returned to Ben & Jerry’s repeatedly before an employee asked him to leave, whereupon Sevier allegedly turned threatening, saying, “You don’t want me for an enemy."

Sevier was arrested Wednesday morning (Sept. 4), and charged with aggravated stalking and criminal impersonation. He is due in court to face charges of criminal stalking in the John Rich case on Sept. 11.

The former attorney claims that the trouble between he and Rich goes back years, to when he represented a Nashville artist in a lawsuit against the singer. He lost his legal license in 2001, when the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that he could not practice law because of mental illness. Sevier reportedly suffers from PTSD caused by serving in Iraq.