Big & Rich's John Rich released his second solo album, Son of a Preacher Man, in March of 2009. The record's fifth track, "Preacher Man," is the project's most personal tune, according to Rich. The singer's father, the Rev. Jim Rich, preached at the Hillcrest Baptist Church in the Texas Panhandle and taught his son to play guitar ... but having a reverend for a dad was sometimes anything but easy for the future country star. Below, Rich tells The Boot about the inspiration behind "Preacher Man."

Imagine being the most hardcore, rock 'n' roll, honky-tonk singer in Nashville ... the wildest kid in town. But your dad is a fire-and-brimstone, Bible-banging preacher. That['s the] dynamic between me and my dad ... He's never been judgmental, but I've never recorded a song that offended him. I've played him songs that he's said, "Nah, I'd rather you not say that," so I didn't record them; that's how much of an impact my dad has had on me.

So for me -- being a guy raised in church -- I've got a King James Bible in one hand and Crown Royal and Coca-Cola in the other. That's just me. I'm a hell-raising Christian.

This story was originally written by Beville Darden, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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