John Rich has never been quiet about his opinions. The Big & Rich bandmate has long expressed his feelings and concern about the state of the country, so much so that Fox Network gave him his own show a few years back. But the country music hitmaker's new show that recently premiered on Fox Business isn’t about Rich spouting off his opinions.

Instead, he stops…and he listens.

“I had enough of flipping on my TV and seeing things that aggravate me and divide us,” Rich tells Taste of Country about the initial premise and purpose of The Pursuit! With John Rich, which originally premiered on Fox Nation in 2020. “So, I wanted to come up with a show that reminded Americans what we still have in common. No matter what your politics are, where you live or what you look like, we still have things in common, whether you believe it or not.”

And it is this idea that Rich has built a strong foundation on, brought home via interviews with some of our country’s most inspirational figures, from NASCAR legend Richard Petty to radio host Dave Ramsey to wrestling legend Chris Jericho.

“America doesn't guarantee us happiness,” says Rich. “It guarantees us the right to pursue happiness. Therein lies the difference. So, I wanted to interview people from all kinds of backgrounds. I don't care about what their politics are or their opinions about anything socially. Instead, it’s about their work and what they managed to accomplish in their life and what inside of them generated those accomplishments.”

And before the half-hour show is through each week, Rich hopes viewers will find themselves re-energized and inspired to take on another day in this crazy country of ours.

“Go be an American and go chase down the American dream,” he says with a sigh. “That's the point of the show.”

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