The horrifying shooting at Charleston, S.C.'s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on June 17 that left nine people dead has sparked a debate about displaying the Confederate flag, especially on the grounds of state government buildings in states such as South Carolina. Among those to speak out in the debate is country singer John Rich.

Rich tells Fox News' Sean Hannity that there's only one flag he cares about: the American flag.

"And I think that’s the end of the argument right there," the Big & Rich singer states. "I think we can go on ad nauseam about this forever, [but] if something's bringing pain, or if something is bringing something that somebody uses for hate like that, I mean, I just don’t see the point of continuing to go forward with it."

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has called for the Confederate flag to be removed from state grounds, and Rich adds, "I applaud that, and I think she’s right."

On Wednesday (June 24), Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley ordered that the Confederate flag outside his state's capitol be removed as well. Alabama laws allow him to make such a decision independently, unlike in South Carolina, where the state's General Assembly must vote on the flag's removal.

After the shootings, which took place at a Bible study group at the oldest AME church in the South, many country stars offered up their condolencesDarius Rucker, Charlie Daniels, Brad Paisley and more added their words of sorrow to social media after the senseless tragedy.

Rich is keeping busy this summer. He recently announced his plans for a new chain of restaurants, called Redneck Riviera.

“Margaritaville is where your dad goes to hang out,” Rich says. “It’s going to have fun, wild, cool elements about it, but it’s also a bar you can take your kids to.”

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