John Driskell Hopkins is best known as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist in Zac Brown Band, but when he's not touring and recording with the group, he sometimes spends his days on movie sets. Hopkins has a General Theatre degree from Florida State University, took a role in 2015's Careful What You Wish For and is now working on a second independent film, tentatively titled Adolescence.

"I'm a biker and a lead singer in a rock band, so it's a big stretch for me," Hopkins jokes with The Boot. "I'm looking forward to it. I'm getting to write some of the music for the movie as well; [I'm] excited for that."

The artist began acting in high school and, after trying out "a bunch of unhappy majors that I just kept filtering through," realized that theater was the right path for him.

"Theater was the most encompassing of my pursuits, because it had acting, it had singing," Hopkins explains. "Sometimes I would play an instrument onstage or even in the pit once in a while."

Hopkins began playing in a band once he got to FSU, and when he left for Atlanta, Ga., he was playing music full time. Music still takes up the majority of Hopkins' time, but his schedule occasionally allows for him to pursue acting roles.

"Generally it's a time conflict -- I can't do it because I'm not gonna be around," he says. "But sometimes it works out, and I'm excited."

Adolescence does not yet have a release date.

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