John Conlee has released a new single, "Walkin' Behind the Star," and announced a new album, Classics 2.

The song, written by Ronnie Scaife and Phil Thomas, was inspired by Thomas' grandfather and great-grandfather, who both served in their local sheriff's departments. In light of recent news items, Conlee felt the song had a timely message he wanted to share.

“Recent deadly attacks against the people who keep us safe is unprecedented in America," Conlee explains, "and I wanted to sing this song in honor of their sacrifice and willingness to serve."

"Walkin' Behind the Star" is part of a 12-track album, which includes new songs as well as some of Conlee's previous hits, such as "Mama's Rockin' Chair" and "Harmony."

Conlee, who released his first Classics album in 2000, maintains a busy touring schedule; a list of all of his upcoming shows is available on his website. A Grand Ole Opry member since 1981, he still sings regularly on the Opry stage as well, and it remains one of his favorite places to perform.

"Back when I joined the Opry, there was not a great big hoopla about a new member coming on board," he says. "But now, we make a big deal out of it for the people that join. It really doesn't matter to me. I mean, officially becoming a member made it a great night."

Classics 2 will be released on April 7 on Conlee's own Rose Colored Records. A complete track listing is below.

John Conlee, Classics 2 Track Listing:

1. "Domestic Life"
2. "Stuff That Works"
3. "Walkin’ Behind the Star"
4. "Hit the Ground Runnin'"
5. "A Lot of Things Different"
6. "Mama’s Rockin’ Chair"
7. "Love in the Real World"
8. "Pocket Full of Crosses"
9. "Harmony"
10. "The In Crowd"
11. "Bread and Water"
12. "Sure"