It's been a long, strange trip since John-Allison Weiss's last album seven years ago. Weiss, who built a cult following on MySpace and Tumblr as a teenager with their crisp, impassioned songs, now stands at the end of breakups, transition, and fully committing to a nomadic lifestyle with their new album The Long Way.

Shortly before recording the album, Weiss moved into an RV in order to tour and record more easily. They independently raised $14,000 from fans to help create The Long Way, produced by Bradley Hale (Sombear, Nownow).

Weiss's music has long leaned towards punk and emo but has always contained a nugget of warmth from the country music of their youth. The Long Way organically marries these songs on an album that finds contentment and resolution with the journey itself.

On "The Long Way," Weiss nestles their crooning tenor among a warm cocoon of acoustic and steel guitars. Co-written with composer Joanna Katcher, the song is one of affirmation. Coming at the close of the album, replete with tracks that question past choices, "The Long Way" embraces the pain and learns to find something good. Yet the song itself is more contemplative than triumphant, capturing a moment of appreciation for all that is lost and won when you take the path least traveled.

The Long Way will be released tomorrow, Feb. 17, via Get Better Records. Get an exclusive first listen to the record's title track below:

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