Husband-and-wife duo Joey + Rory have released a new video featuring Joey Feek recording the beloved hymn "Softly & Tenderly," and the clip includes an adorable appearance from their daughter, Indiana.

In early August, the couple announced their new album of old hymns -- a project that Joey Feek has wanted to do for quite some time. As Joey Feek was diagnosed with Stage IV cervical cancer in June and has undergone intense treatment for the disease, she and her husband are focusing on living life to the absolute fullest, and this project was high on their list.

"My wife Joey still has a song to sing. In fact, she has lots of songs that she wants to sing in the future," Rory Feek writes on their blog. "It’s part of what gives her the strength to push on through all the nausea and pain that she’s been experiencing as she goes through cancer treatment."

The couple recorded 12 tracks for the album, which is full of old traditional hymns. Although it's a project that both Feeks are working on, Rory Feek is letting his wife take the reins.

"Since this is a project that has been a dream of hers to do since she was very young, I let her choose all the songs," he explains. "Most of the ones she chose I knew fairly well, and some I’m still getting familiar with. Songs like ... "It Is Well With My Soul," "Old Rugged Cross," "I Surrender All," "How Great Thou Art," "He Touched Me" and a many others."

Both Joey and Rory Feek have been vocal about their strong faith, but their growing-up years were a little different. While Rory did not grow up with the traditional hymns in his Catholic family, Joey was raised on the songs.

"She has always loved them ... and because of her, and because of what God has done in my life, I have learned to love them deeply too," Rory Feek reflects. "As a songwriter, I’ve also fallen in love with how simple, yet brilliant, the lyrics and melodies to these songs are.  They say so much, with so little."

"Softly & Tenderly" is one of the many songs on the record, and Joey Feek's crystal-clear vocals shine in the age-old song. Though she's obviously physically weak from the cancer and treatment, her voice never wavers -- and it's also a reflection of the rock-solid faith she's displayed throughout her battle. In the video, Feek is shown receiving chemotherapy treatment (which began on Aug. 25), playing with her daughter and recording "Softly & Tenderly" in a hotel room near the hospital. It's an intimate look at both the Feeks' personal lives and the recording process behind the album.

"We will travel back home this coming weekend to play sold-out concerts at our farm on Friday and Saturday nights, and then on Sunday evening, we’re going to do a special TV taping at our concert hall for the new hymns album," says Rory Feek. "It’s a lot for us to do, especially since Joey’s in the middle of chemo and radiation right now, and she doesn’t feel well ... but this record is important to her, and she wants to do the taping before the next round of chemo takes her hair and most of her energy away."

He concludes, "Yes, my bride has a beautiful song in her heart … and I believe, the world needs to hear it."

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