Joey Feek lost her battle with cancer two years ago; she died on March 4, 2016. On Friday (March 9), her husband Rory shared footage from her memorial service with the public on the two-year anniversary of the emotional event.

Readers can press play below to watch the video clip that Rory Feek shared, titled "It Is Well," a reference to the hymn sung by the Isaacs, which plays as the backdrop for a series of moving images. Feek posted the footage on his blog, This Life I Live, along with a photo of the memorial service announcement, which has been hanging on his kitchen door for two years.

"I woke up early this morning thinking all about that day, and while Indy slept, I pulled up and watched some video clips of Joey's service for the first time -- footage that has been sitting on a hard drive in my bedroom since the funeral," Feek writes. "It was hard because the pain of losing her is still so fresh ... but it was also oh, so beautiful to see again. To remember. To feel."

In his blog post, Feek shares the story behind the hymn "It Is Well." He says the song holds a special meaning for his family after their loss.

"The hymn writer Horatio Spafford lost his baby son to pneumonia, his business in the great Chicago fire, and then his four other children in a shipwreck in 1873 ... and somehow, in faith, managed to pick up his pen and write those lyrics that have comforted generations of broken hearts since then -- including Joey's and mine," Feek says. "As I look around and think of the changes that have come in our lives since losing Joey, I can't help but say 'it is well,' because it is. It may not be how we wanted or imagined life would be, but it is, as God has chosen it to be. And as we trust Him and walk forward, it's easy to see that there is beauty and hope everywhere. "

Joey Feek passed away following a battle with cervical cancer. She left behind behind her husband and their then-2-year-old daughter Indiana, as well as Rory Feek's two daughters from a previous relationship, Heidi and Hopie.

Joey Feek's Life in Her Own Words

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