Joey + Rory's final project, Hymns That Are Important to Us, is officially out now, and its release has Rory Feek reflecting on God's role in the making of the album.

"Our music has taken us many incredible places and let us experience some amazing things in the past eight years, and people we meet have often asked if we had a plan to get to where we are," Feek writes in a new blog post. "I’ve always answered, 'yes, there’s a master plan … it’s just not ours.'"

As fans know, Joey Feek was diagnosed with Stage IV cervical cancer in June of 2015, and in late October, Rory Feek informed fans that his wife’s first round of chemotherapy and radiation treatments did not help, and that there was nothing more to be done. However, over the summer — just after Joey Feek’s first surgery — the Feeks began recording their new disc. As her situation worsened, Joey Feek and her husband persevered with the project -- including a TV special, recorded in September, and interview to go along with the record, done in October.

"Joey was so exhausted, she barely made it through the evening. I actually don’t know how she did. But to watch, other than her already being thin and tired … you wouldn’t hardly know it," Rory Feek recalls of taping the TV special. "She was in all her glory on that stage singing those songs, and it shows.

"Getting this project made was important to Joey," Feek continues. "And I think that’s what gave her the energy and strength to see it all the way through."

In early November, Joey Feek entered home hospice care, and although she has gone through many ups and downs, she has lived to see the album's release. But, Rory Feek explains, their timing was nothing short of miraculous.

"Yesterday, Joey and I looked at the CD together and talked about how beautiful it is and how if the taping had been a week later … it wouldn’t have happened. It couldn’t have. About how God must’ve known. How He always knows," Feek muses. "His timing is perfect.

"I loved watching Joey looking, reading … holding one this last dream of hers in her hands," he continues. "... Yes, I have a plan. But mine [always] gives way to His."

Hymns That Are Important to Us will be Joey + Rory’s last album; Rory Feek has said previously that he has "no desire to go on singing or performing without her.” The record is available at all Cracker Barrel Old Country Store locations and through the Cracker Barrel website.

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