Joe Nichols has released a lyric video for his new single, "Freaks Like Me." The song is the debut single from his upcoming new album.

With lines like, "I always get the door for a lady / I don’t care if she’s four or if she’s 80 / I don’t need a Jag, I got a tractor / And I won’t apologize for things that matter / Pop a cold beer after five / Drop everything, go wet a line / I believe in the USA, four-wheel drives and Jesus saves," the song resonated with the Arkansas native.

""Freaks Like Me" is about being unapologetically proud of who you are and not worrying about being cool or what the other people think of you,” Nichols says in a statement. “I’m a traditional guy, and some people don’t think that’s necessarily cool, but that’s all right. I’m a freak to some people, but that’s who I am, and I’m proud of that.”

Press play on the video below to hear Nichols' new song and see the lyric video.

The new single brings Nichols back to the music he is most passionate about creating.

“As a genre, we’ve forgotten who loves our music, and for the most part, that’s middle America, just regular people,” he says. “I think in an effort to be cool, the fashionable thing, the hip thing, we’ve kind of forgotten that that’s our bread and butter. We’re country music; we represent the common man and woman.”

To help promote his new single, Nichols is inviting fans to upload their own photos into the official "Freaks Like Me" digital photo booth. Visit for more information.

"Freaks Like Me" is available for download on iTunes.

Listen to Joe Nichols, "Freaks Like Me":