"Men and women can't be friends," Billy Crystal's character mused in the iconic film When Harry Met Sally. Joanna Smith agrees, especially when it comes to an ex! The Georgia native's poignant new single, "We Can't Be Friends," is all about those lingering feelings that prevent a platonic relationship with a former lover.

"From the opening line, it grabbed me. It's just such a well written song, so impactful and catchy," Joanna tells The Boot of the tune, written by Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally and Shelley Skidmore. "Whether you're a girl who likes to be friends with her old flames or not, I don't think anybody's able to make that happen. You can't just break up and be friends, you have to have that period of time."

Watch Joanna perform "We Can't Be Friends" in the video player below. The clip was shot at a showcase back in February, during which the blond beauty dazzled the audience with several songs from her debut album, many of which the seasoned songwriter penned herself. Equally impressive was her confidence on stage.

"The most important thing is being able to read the audience," she explains of her live concert strategy. "I'm still learning, but my parents had me on stage from the time I was three years old. So it's always come very natural to me. Not to say that I don't get anxious and awkward at some times, but the performing aspect of this business is the part that comes the most naturally for me."

Watch Joanna Smith Perform 'We Can't Be Friends'