Jimmy WayneOver the weekend, Jimmy Wayne battled pouring rain and some of the strongest winds yet on his Meet Me Halfway solo-walk across America. The country singer left Nashville on January 1 and began walking to Phoenix, in a quest to raise money and awareness for homeless teens. Saturday evening (March 27), shortly after 6:00 PM, Jimmy crossed the Texas border. The Boot was right there with him to capture those first thoughts as he entered the Lone Star state.

"When I reached Arkansas, there was a feeling that came over me that I was actually doing this walk," Jimmy says. "Then, that night when I crossed over into Oklahoma ... that was just a shocker. Here I am now sitting on the Texas state line. That's hard for me to believe. I can't even believe it. I wouldn't have driven to Texas. I would have flown, but having walked it is just mind blowing. This is crazy!"

Throughout the 800 miles that Jimmy has logged so far, he has been soaking in the entire experience by getting out and meeting the residents of every town. As a result, he has walked away with a big crop of new friends, like the Warren family from Caddo Gap, Ark. The Warrens took Jimmy in for several nights and even bought the singer a pair of overalls after his suitcase was stolen. Marcie Horn, also from Caddo Gap, gave Jimmy another gift -- the feeling that he's not alone in making a difference in the lives of young teens.

"Meeting Marcie was just so worth the whole walk," Jimmy says. "This lady's been working in the lunch room for I think 20 years, and she has taken in a total of 10 kids into her trailer during that time. It goes to show you that you don't have to be rich or live in a mansion. She lived in a trailer, and she took in these kids to help them get their lives straightened out. That's what we need -- people who take a leap of faith and goes out there and helps these kids. She didn't have anything to offer these kids but food, a place to sleep and a roof over their head. That's all they need."

Jimmy has encouraged everyone who follows his project Meet Me Halfway to find a way in their community to help raise awareness of the campaign -- not for his sake, but for the sake of the youth.

"When you drive down the road, you see speed limit signs, construction signs, church marquees and billboard signs all over," Jimmy states. "There's a lot of room out there. Even if someone just donated one day a week to promote Meet Me Halfway -- and I'm not talking about for me because none of this is for me. I'm just in a place in my life where I have tried to do something to give back."

Jimmy has roughly 100 miles to go before he reaches Amarillo, Texas, which is the "halfway" point of his journey. To celebrate, Jimmy will be appearing at Hastings Entertainment store Saturday (April 3), where fans can come pat the singer on the back for his hard work and determination to end teen homelessness.

"I feel like this walk is a calling for me," Jimmy says. "I feel like I was supposed to do this. I don't regret it. I do know that I am one of many people trying to make a difference in these teens' lives. I believe that if we wait around on someone else to do it, it's not going to get done. This walk may not make a difference in many people's lives, but hopefully it will be one more block, if you will. It's a building process. One more step. It raises a little bit of awareness which hopefully will raise more awareness somewhere else. I'm just doing what I can do. If it changes a person's life -- whether they're a kid or an adult -- this walk is well worth it."

Jimmy expects to reach Phoenix, Ariz. by the end of May or early June. To keep up on Jimmy's progress, follow him on Twitter or visit the official website of project Meet Me Halfway.

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