Tuesday afternoon (May 25), Jimmy Wayne had his second run-in with the police on his Meet Me Halfway walk across America -- but this time, he wasn't the one being searched.

Jimmy's day started off like any other along his route, with the singer suiting up in his Marmot walking clothes and heading out to walk along Highway 60 in Socorro, N.M. But, shortly into this day's trek, a car pulled up along side of him, and a conversation with the driver ensued. Jimmy then asked the individual if he could film the two of them talking for a YouTube video he would be creating later in the week. Yet, when the individual was persistently against having his photo taken, Jimmy started to feel a little uneasy and took to his Twitter page, discretely asking his followers for assistance. "If sum1 wants 2 walk w/me & they refuse 2 let take a pic or video of them, & they're actN nervously standN around, shouldn't I be concerned," Jimmy asked. "I'm on hwy 60 w mile marker 179. It's not a joke."

Shortly after Jimmy sent his tweet, New Mexico State Police officer, Greg Valentino, located him and investigated the situation. After a few questions, everything checked out and the individual was free to go; Jimmy continued on walking.

"When he wouldn't allow me to have a picture of him, it made me concerned. You just can't be too careful out here in the middle of the desert," Jimmy told The Boot afterward. "When there's nothing out here, you have to have your guard up at all times."

Earlier that day, Jimmy received word from a new friend he met along his journey, Clint Devoll, that the trailer Jimmy stayed in for nearly a week, while walking through Wheeler, Texas, had burned to the ground. "It was struck by lightning during some storms the night before," Jimmy reveals. "First dealing with the rattlesnake situation and now this ... really puts things into perspective on how risky it can be out here walking by myself."

Starting his journey on New Year's Day when he left Nashville, Tenn., walking on foot to Phoenix, Ariz. Jimmy created project Meet Me Halfway to bring much needed awareness to youth homelessness -- something he faced as a teen. He expects to arrive in Phoenix at HomeBase Youth Services around July 8. To keep track of Jimmy as he closes in on finishing his 1,700-mile trek, follow him on Twitter or visit his YouTube page for weekly updates.

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