Like the title of a George Strait classic, Jimmy Wayne will be in 'Amarillo by Morning' -- Saturday morning that is. The singer arrives in Amarillo, Texas, marking the official halfway point of his project Meet Me Halfway. This Saturday (April 3), fans are encouraged to walk the remaining couple of miles until the singer reaches Hastings Records in Amarillo. At noon, inside the music store, Jimmy will meet with fans, and will talk about the experiences he's had thus far and and the importance of this solo-walk across America, designed to raise awareness for homeless teens.

To walk with Jimmy on Saturday, fans are asked to meet by 10:30 AM in the parking lot of the Beacon Baptist Church at 417 S. McMasters Street in Amarillo. Hastings Records is at 2020 S. Georgia Street in Amarillo.

By the time he reaches Amarillo on Saturday, Jimmy will have walked a total of 977 miles in 93 days.

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