Jimmy WayneEarlier this year, Jimmy Wayne was named one of Nashville Lifestyles magazine's 25 Most Beautiful People of 2009. But the singer is quick to point out that it didn't bring him much luck with the ladies.

"All that stuff does to you is push girls away," Jimmy tells The Boot. "I think there's a reverse effect to that whole thing, because girls look at you [and say] 'Oh, you think just because you're in the magazine that you can just have anybody ... Well you're not having me!' This whole thing has an effect on your personal life. Periodically, you do run across one or two of them, and I've heard that [line] many times: 'Don't think just because you're in the magazine that you can have me.' How do you respond to something [like that]? I didn't think that to begin with, so whatever. When they find out you're in a magazine then they get tough."

Jimmy points out that he's not letting that kind of thing bother him too much. "I don't care," he says with a shrug of his shoulders. "I'm pretty content. I'm just focused on my music and being a good boy!"

Jimmy's latest single, 'Sara Smile,' has just been released to radio. The album of the same name hits stores Nov. 23. In a recent tweet, Brad Paisley, who took Jimmy out on tour with him this year, praised the song, saying that he had just witnessed Jimmy performing it with John Oates of Hall & Oates, who had originally recorded the tune.

"Fantastic," Brad tweeted. "Wayne and Oates. Wonderful new duo. Wonderful new cereal as well."