Jimmy Wayne is set to release his autobiography, 'Walk to Beautiful.'

Wayne was inspired to write the book, which chronicles his time growing up in foster homes through his country music career, after his 2010 walk from Nashville to Phoenix for his Meet Me Halfway campaign. The walk was meant to raise awareness for foster youth who have aged out of the system.

“When I got back from my walk, I just said I probably should write down my memories because there was so much that happened prior to the walk,” he tells Country Weekly. “Then, just the walk itself, was so many details I figured I need to write everything down because I’m not going to remember this years from now. I remember standing in my kitchen at the counter, and the first thing I wrote down was, ‘My first memory is . . .’ I started writing my book chronologically about things that I remembered.”

Wayne co-wrote the book with 14-time New York Times best-selling author Ken Abraham, who took his notes and helped turn them into 'Walk to Beautiful.' Part of Wayne's story includes growing up in foster homes and facing neglect and abuse in the system. At 16 he was rescued off the streets by 75-year-old Bea Costner, who helped Wayne turn his life around. Costner passed away in 1997.

“She saved my life,” he says. “I just think that’s an inspiring story. When you read where I come from, it just puts things into perspective. You will know just how important this person was. We need positive, uplifting and inspiring stories in this world, so that’s why I felt like it was the perfect time to write this book. I’m pumped up about it.”

'Walk to Beautiful' is set for release on Oct. 7. It is available for Pre-order at JimmyWayne.com.

“This book is a milestone in my entire career,” he says. “I haven’t been this excited since I released my very first album in 2003. I’ve always wanted to share my story in songs, but that was kind of hard to get everything into three minutes. This book tells my entire life story, and I wrote it because I feel like it’s going to inspire people.”

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