Jim Lauderdale finds promise in the circle of life in his new song "Mushrooms are Growing After the Rain." It's premiering exclusively via The Boot; press play below to listen.

Lauderdale's inspiration for the dreamy new song was quite literal: While out for a walk one morning, shortly after a rainstorm, he noticed mushrooms sprouting up. He got to thinking about that cycle, and about the mushroom supplements he takes to stay healthy.

"I conjured up these feelings and images of renewal, growth and the cycle of life continuing," Lauderdale explains, "and this song came out of me really quickly."

"Mushrooms Are Growing ..." is the fourth of 13 songs on Hope, Lauderdale's forthcoming new record. It's his 34th career studio album and focuses in on the themes of perseverance, courage, healing and hope over melodies inspired by 1970s California folk-rock.

"I wanted to get a musical message out there during this time of what we’ve all been going through, about the hope for better days ahead without seeming sanctimonious or preachy," says Lauderdale. "What I wanted to achieve was music to somehow help us all get through trying times and give comfort. The past year has been so difficult for everybody. If we can find any glimmers of hope, that really helps get you through another day."

Lauderdale found during the COVID-19 pandemic that he had a group of songs that weren't going to work on one of his more country-leaning albums, and that "seemed to kind of speak to these times we were going through." He recorded Hope at Nashville's Blackbird Studios and co-produced the album with Jay Weaver.

Lauderdale is a two-time Grammy Awards winner and an A-list Nashville songwriter. Everyone from Blake Shelton to Ralph Stanley has recorded his songs, which include George Strait's "We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This" and "King of Broken Hearts," among others.

"Mushrooms Are Growing After the Rain" is due out widely on July 6, while Hope will be available in full on July 30. The album is available to pre-order now.

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