Singer-songwriter Jess Jocoy is premiering her new song "Love Her Wild" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen to the slow-burning ode to strong women everywhere.

Both the title of "Love Her Wild" and its theme were inspired by the writing of Canadian poet Atticus, which prompted Jocoy to really think about what it means to "love [someone] wild," or to truly recognize their strength without trying to tame them or extinguish their flame. "I envisioned a woman with fierce independence: someone who doesn’t need you, but wants you," she tells The Boot.

"As someone who’s forever struggled with being an introvert, the idea of seizing your own power, and finding someone else who recognizes it and compliments it and loves you through your transgressions, is very striking to me," Jocoy adds.

Raised outside of Seattle, Wash., and now based in Nashville, Jocoy is gearing up to release her debut full-length album, on which "Love Her Wild" appears. Titled Such a Long Way, the record is all about working your way through the journey of life, and the ups and downs that come along with that.

"The record as a whole is about the journey: the idea that you’ve come such a long way, but that there’s still such a long way to go. For all of that time spent, it’s necessary to take stock of where you sit in that progression," Jocoy says. "This song is within that same realm: Sometimes you want more out of life and more out of love. Both will have their faults and their shortcomings, but if you hope to get something beneficial out of either, it’s entirely up to you to give what you hope to get back."

Such a Long Way is due out on April 10. Fans can pre-order "Love Her Wild," which is officially due out on Friday (Feb. 14), via Apple Music and keep up with Jocoy on her official website.

Listen to Jess Jocoy's "Love Her Wild"

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