Jerrod Niemann has truly learned to write and sing from the heart, especially on his new album, 'Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury,' which just debuted at No. 1 on the country album charts this week.

His ex-girlfriend, the inspiration behind such songs from the disc as 'What Do You Want' -- about an ex who keeps calling -- has heard the song, plus many others Jerrod says she inspired. "[It's] good. It's like, 'Could you break my heart more often?,' Jerrod laughingly tells The Boot. "I don't mind if you hurt my right ventricle or my left ventricle or my pulmonary artery, but leave my aorta alone! [laughs] She liked it, just because it'll forever be about her."

Another song she inspired on the album is called 'I Hope You Get What You Deserve,' which in Jerrod's mind is a kind of follow-up to 'What Do You Want.' "It was actually written in the beginning to be rude, but halfway through the process of writing the song, I realized that maybe it was me who was wrong in the relationship. [laughs] So, I changed the meaning instead of rewriting the song," he says. "It somehow worked by the end of the song to say, 'You were a wonderful person to me. I did screw up, and I do hope you get what you deserve and that's to be happy and to fulfill your dreams, as well.'"

Jerrod is a man who admits maybe it was his fault the relationship ended and then he has the courage to put it in a song for the whole world to hear -- a definite rarity. The chart-topping singer-songwriter will perform many songs from his new album, including his current Top 3 single, 'Lover, Lover,' in Kansas City, Mo., on Thursday (July 22).

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