Jerrod Niemann is going to Free the Music with his sophomore album. The singer-songwriter's next project, which dons the picket sign title, will be released Oct. 2. The album will include his current single "Shinin' On Me."

"Free the Music is an album where I wanted to do just that," Jerrod explains. "It's a project honoring many different layers and colors that have appeared in the country genre since recorded music began."

The record, which took two years to record, includes brasswind horns throughout, and features Jerrod's band, rather than studio musicians. Pop singer Colbie Caillat can also be heard on the project's soulful ballad "All About You." Additionally, the Kansas native reunited with Judge Jerrod & the Hung Jury co-producer Dave Brainard for the new album.

"I feel like making an album with horns is definitely a risky step, but my favorite thing about it is that it gives my listeners a taste of something unique," Jerrod tells The Boot. "I have been watching people react to my music out on the road for years, and because I have the feeling that people are actually listening, it makes me more inspired to become a better musician, producer, songwriter, artist and really give them something different, and a sound that I love."

Fans who attended Jerrod's co-fan club party with Lee Brice in Nashville on Monday, June 4, likely got a preview of the new project. Not only did both singers perform for the group of roughly 400 fans, but they also stayed and signed autographs for 10 hours afterwards.

Jerrod is currently on Miranda Lambert's On Fire tour, and plans to stay on the road playing fairs and festivals this fall. His next stop is June 10 in Detroit, Mich. Get a full list of dates here.

Pre-order Free the Music here.

Watch Jerrod Niemann's 'Shinin' on Me' Video

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