Over the past few months, Jerrod Niemann has had the pleasure of being a part of Miranda Lambert's On Fire tour, along with Chris Young. In that time, the singer-songwriter has learned one valuable lesson about his headliner.

"Do not upset her," he jokes with Taste of Country. "No, I'm going to let the cat out of the bag: once you really get to know her, and you can peel back the layer of guns and knives and cuss words, there is such a good human being. Her and [Blake Shelton], they're the salt of the earth and you see why the whole world loves them.

"She's probably the most accommodating headliner that I've ever seen," he continues. "And she's the most accessible. She wants to hang out with me and Chris Young pretty much every day. I made a great buddy out on the road and I was really thankful that she let us hang out with her for six months."

Jerrod's got another high-profile lady in his life, Colbie Caillat. The pop singer makes an appearance on his upcoming album, Free the Music, which is due in stores Oct. 2. Their duet, "All About You," was co-written by the Kansas native and songwriter Richie Brown, with whom Jerrod also penned "Good Ride Cowboy" for Garth Brooks. Because of the new song's jazz-soaked sound, Jerrod wanted to look outside of country music to find another voice to record with him.

"They said, 'If you could have anybody sing on it, who would it be?' I said, 'Colbie, but I'm sure she won't do it, because I don't really know her,'" he recalls. "And they just reached out to her and asked her and she was so awesome ... I have her turned up way louder than me."

It seems as though Jerrod is surrounded by a lot of beautiful women these days, as also evidenced in the music video for his latest single, "Shinin' on Me." One beautiful brunette in the clip is the singer-songwriter's girlfriend.

"She's a great girl," he says. "She's too smart for me. The only girl that I've dated that I have to have a dictionary in one had and a thesaurus in the other to win an argument."

Jerrod is still on the road, playing various bars, fairs and festivals. His next stop is tonight (July 13) in West Fargo, N.D. Get his full schedule here.

Watch Jerrod Niemann's 'Shinin' on Me' Video